Hypothetically, imagine not being able to freely look in the mirror without dreading to see the pain in your eyes because you have lost one of the most precious gifts we were all blessed with….. YOUR HAIR! These common fears give stylist, Adriana Jenkins the push to continuously live in her passion and the provide the Gift of “Blossom.”

From the Stylist:

“A special client of mines suffered from breast cancer and when she lost her hair instantaneously she asked me, “What Do I Do Now?” And my reply was, “Your Beauty Will Continue to Bloom during this season. Lets find an alternative.” - Adriana Jenkins, Master Stylist and Hair Loss Specialist


​​​​​​​​​My Story:

Master Stylist Adriana Jenkins is the owner and founder of Blossom Hair Boutique LLC, a Certified Hair Loss Specialist, and Texture Educator with Farouk Systems. After graduating from Florida Career College of Cosmetology (Boynton Beach, Fl) in 2012, she decided to discontinue her 8-year long tenure as a Corrections Officer and embrace her passion for hair. It was her desire to make women feel beautiful on the inside and out.

Adriana has had many victories from competing and placing in several hair shows throughout central and south Florida. She has also worked during Fashion Week, Haute Accessories Week and various other Fashion Shows. These exciting ventures allowed her to challenge her creativity and promote her widely viewed talent across many platforms.


In order for her to remain current on healthy hair regimens and the latest trends, she has taken several continuing education classes by Patrick Bradley (Fundamentals of Cutting and Color), Micheline Barber (Art of Cutting), Freddie J (Platform Artistry), Tish Sutton (Platform Artistry). 

Adriana is set apart from most because she continues her education, provides hair restoration services, custom units, and provides artistry for weddings and special occasions.